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The Role Of Thermostat Controls In Efficient Heating Posted By: Colin Armstrong

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Much emphasis has been placed on achieving efficient home heating in recent years, with homeowners investing in various products to help them minimise heat loss and, in the process, save money on energy and reduce carbon emissions. Solar panels, insulation and energy efficient double glazing are all now standard features on new build homes; however, there is one little gadget that is every bit as effective without receiving half the plaudits of other energy saving methods: the thermostat.

Whether you have an electric combi boiler or a gas one, thermostat controls are a real money saver. It is estimated that controlling heating with a thermostat can save between GBP 70 and GBP 150 a year on energy bills and 310kg to 630kg of carbon dioxide. In order to benefit from these savings you need to implement heating controls in two areas: in rooms and on radiators.

Thermostats for Rooms

Accompanying EHS’ range of electric heating boilers are a selection of advanced thermostats that can be installed to control temperature and configure when heating is switched on/off and at what times of the day.

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