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Simple Solar Panel Systems For Your Home Posted By: kriss bergethon

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Solar power is one of the best ways to provide energy for your home or appliances. Energy from the sun, also called photovoltaic or PV energy, has a lot of advantages in that it can be expanded easily, its non-polluting, and its renewable. Most don’t know that it is very flexible in that it can power very small or very large devices. Let’s talk about some of the smaller, simpler systems that can help you go green.

Integrated Solar

You probably have a calculator with a small solar panel on it. This is called integrated solar and it is very useful for small electronic devices that are portable and require low voltage electricity. These devices are very easy to transport and install since they don’t require power cords or separate solar installations. They often include batteries, for instance in solar garden lights, that will store the sun’s energy during the day and then run the light at night. They also require very little maintenance since there are no moving parts.

One of the disadvantages of these units is that they are really only good for small appliances and electronics. For larger voltage loads integrated solar is generally not ideal.

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