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Putting Windows In Strategic Places Posted By: aayana

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Windows are necessary installations in residences and other structures. There are structures that do not have these and they are omitted for a purpose. They have definite benefits when installed and they are a great help in various aspects of design for the structure or building.

The benefits of installing windows, of any kind, includes, but are not limited to, bringing in light and air, visibility and aesthetics of beauty. Houses and other buildings commonly have these installations in them for the purpose of bringing in both light and air. For residences, the injection of these two things is necessary for breathing and for being able to see without the use of electricity during the day. Closed up houses tend to be stuffy and their occupants may have some difficulty breathing if there is a limit to the openness that is necessary to let in the air. Doors can be left open for the air to come in but these are usually limited to one or two per room and they do not function the same way. Other uses for windows are to let the people inside see what is outside and vice versa.

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