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Today, exciting developments in electric cars could put battery-powered vehicles in driveways of Americans in the very near future; and the technology fueling the transition could send shares of a carmaker significantly higher in the near term.

Here is everything you need to know to find gains in the electric car vehicle market right now.

Electric cars are not a new phenomenon. More than a decade ago, the EV1 changed everything.

A short, futuristic-looking car was General Motor AND rsquo;s first attempt at creating a commercially viable, highway-capable electric car in the mid 1990s. This was a major step for the automotive world. So why haven AND rsquo;t most people heard of it?

The EV1 came as a result of a mandate from the California Air Resources Board that required major automakers to sell a certain quota of zero-emission vehicles in California. To sell its vehicles in the nation AND rsquo;s most populous state, GM management decided that the company would bring an all-electric vehicle to market.

In doing so, GM created an unassuming car that surprised journalists, auto enthusiasts and even GM by generating extreme praise and a cult following.

The cars were not available for sale; consumers could only lease them.

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