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Portable Propane Heaters – How They Work And How To Use Them Safely Posted By: Jacque Crook

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When the winter months come around, the cold can seep into your living spaces. Portable propane heaters can add a blast of warmth and save you money on your energy bill. But as nice as it is to be warm and cozy, heaters need to be used safely, so here are a few tips.

How portable propane heaters work

Propane heaters have a very simple working principle. A propane bottle is located in the base of the heater. This is connected to a burner that has operator controls for gas flow, flame size and heat output. The heat supplied is what is called radiant heat, which means the flame supplies the heat and it simply radiates out from the heater.

Safe use of portable gas heaters

All gas heaters emit a small amount of carbon monoxide as well as fumes. Propane has a substance (ethyl mercapton) added to it that gives it an odor so users can detect leaks. For this reason, it is suggested that portable heaters are used either outdoors or with adequate ventilation.

It is suggested that if you use portable propane heaters indoors, to keep a carbon monoxide detector nearby.

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