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Options To Go With Wind Power Posted By: Paul Meier

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Building a wind generator from scratch is not that difficult of a project. We will need a shop with basic power and hand tools, and some degree of dedication. Large wind generators of 2000 or more Watts and up are a major project needing very strong construction, but smaller ones in the 700-1000 Watt, 8-11 foot range can be construct fairly easily! In fact, we highly recommend that we tackle a smaller wind turbine before even thinking about constructing a large one. We’ll need to be able to cut and weld steel, and a metal lathe can be handy (though we could hire a machine shop that turns brake rotors do some small steps for us).

In most places, gentle winds (5-15 mph) are the most common, and strong winds are much rarer. As we’ll see by examining our latest machines, our philosophy about designing wind turbines is to make large, sturdy machines that generate good power in low wind speeds, and are able to survive high wind velocity while still producing maximum power. The power available in the wind goes up by a factor of 8 as the wind velocity doubles. diy green power

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