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How To Save And Budget Amid Rising Energy Prices Posted By: Adriana Noton

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With winter now upon us, Canadians have to start preparing for higher energy bills. Budgeting for winter heating bills has now become a necessary task as there are a number of reports showing energy costs are expected to increase in the years ahead. For instance, “household power costs are expected to increase 38% to 47% from now to 2015,” according to a study conducted for Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters. As well, heating and cooling your home now accounts for about 60% of the average energy costs per household. For those on a tight budget, it is essential that they save money on their heating bills by implementing measures to conserve energy.

If you are looking for ways to lower your heating bills, below is a list of helpful tips on how to save and budget amid rising energy prices:

*Budget for Winter: An effective way to ensure you can afford higher heating bills in the winter is to establish a winter heating savings account. Each month, deposit a certain amount in the account and by the time the cold arrives, you will have saved a substantial amount which you can use towards your heating costs.

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