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How Much Energy Does My TV Use? Posted By: John Smith

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How many people know that new isn’t always best? Knowledge becomes powerful when you’re willing to use that knowledge to implement a change! But if new is really, really cool and everyone is getting one then maybe new is worth it even if it isn’t better?

As real as that thought process may be for most consumers it’s also costing them an arm and a leg on their energy costs. Most people want to have a flat screen television, an LCD or plasma will do. The problem isn’t with the style; it’s with the energy such models mercilessly waste. The good ol’ rear projection television is the most efficient energy user of them all-and it’s been outdated.

Rear Projection, LCD and Plasma

In general, the rear projection TV uses the least amount of energy while the plasma uses the most, and the LCD is somewhere in the middle. For most, the new TV is going to be a plasma or LCD and unfortunately there are plenty of accessories to go along with this purchase. Thus, your television is, in some cases, using just as much energy as a refrigerator!

Let’s discuss the causes behind this huge energy usage.

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