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Battery Testing Part 1 Posted By: Tom Kelly

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Testing Batteries Part 1:
How to determine the State of Health of Lead-Acid Batteries
Batteries do not come with an energy gauge. Some electric vehicles and alternative energy systems come with battery monitoring devices, but it is not common in applications like golf carts, boats or RV”s. This article is intended to help you determine the health of a lead acid battery.
For the testing purpose there are two basic types of lead-acid batteries; flooded and sealed. For more information on the different types of see articles: “Types of Batteries and the BLS” and “Lead-Acid Batteries: A Basic Orientation.” The most obvious difference is that with flooded batteries you can access the electrolyte or add water while with sealed you cannot.
The cycle of a battery
The State of Health (SOH) of a battery is more or less an arbitrary measure of the condition of a battery compared to the manufacturing standards. The measurement is calculated in a percentage value.
When we buy new batteries we expect them to have a full SOH, but that is rarely the case. cart forklifts maintenance golf desulfator money 12 volt 36 6 electric electricity current negativ

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