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Bathroom Lighting Ideas Posted By: Eric Lebersfeld

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There are many bathroom lighting ideas that are easy to implement. You can find ways to use light to make your bathroom look larger, more serene, elegant, cozy, and comfortable–and, of course, bright. Your use of bathroom lighting can mean the difference between a bathroom that is dull and utilitarian and one that is a true sanctuary.

Adding additional lighting can really help your bathroom look more spacious. Recessed can lights installed in the ceiling can be used to focus on task areas, while wall sconces are great for adding warmth. A counter or tabletop lamp is helpful for adding a nice glow as well.

To create a look for your bathroom that is both soft and elegant, consider adding a chandelier. Chandeliers come in many styles, from the simple to the simply grand, and can go a long way toward transforming the look of your bathroom. Often, the thought of a chandelier brings to mind a large fixture fit for a dining room, but chandeliers come in a variety of sizes. You are sure to find many that are the right style and size to complement your bathroom.

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