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11 Ways To Keep Money In Your Pocket In 2011 Posted By: Walker Wild

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If you occasionally struggle to balance your checkbook (or just want to be more frugal), a few simple changes can help you save. Coupon Mountain, the most trusted website for online coupons, discount codes and deals from major consumer brands, suggests the following tips:

1. Brew your own coffee. Home-brewed coffee costs about .12 cents a cup; buying your coffee will cost $1.50 to $3.50 a cup – you could end up saving between $500 and $1600 a year.

2. Drink filtered water. With filtered water, you will spend about 15 cents/gallon. Purchasing bottled water costs a lot more – about $10/gallon.

3. Use lower-wattage bulbs. Not only will less-powerful light bulbs lower your energy bills, they may also last longer. CFL bulbs can also save money long-term.

4. Shop online. Shopping online allows you to easily compare prices, plus you can use coupon codes from to gain additional savings.

5. Cancel your gym membership. Do bodyweight exercises from home to build up strength, or locate a recreation facility or park that offers free exercise equipment.

6. Invest in a vacuum sealer. Purchase your meats and veggies in bulk.

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