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Solar power is undoubtedly the face of future power source. The rise in the demand of power and the scarcity of natural resources clubbed with the rise in pollution level due to conventional ways of generating power has left us with no option but to start using renewable and clean sources of energy to fuel our need of power. Solar powered devices are not a new concept; however, till about a few years ago, the implementation of solar powered devices was limited to government bodies and research centres. Thanks to the venture of a number of companies in the segment; today you can find a number of solar powered devices for commercial as well as residential applications.

Two of the most useful solar devices available today include home solar power panel and solar water heater. Solar panels are devices used to convert the energy of the sun to electricity which is in the form of direct current. These devices are made from a number of silicon cells; when sunlight falls on these semiconductors, the electrons begin to oscillate at extremely fast rate producing electricity. This electricity is stored in storage batteries and can be used as and when required.

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