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Country And Urban Roads Emerge From The Dark Posted By: Chandler

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The availability of solar panels and LEDs (light emitting diodes) have enabled the illumination of roads and streets in areas where it is difficult or costly to access power. This is not only for remote areas because even in densely populated city areas, it can be expensive or very difficult to access power at a reasonable cost. Orion Solar has been supplying solar powered LED lights for years, especially in the marine and aviation industries. Sometimes solar power has been the solution of choice even though hard wired power is available just metres away. A good example would be the temporary use of obstruction lighting at a major airfield where to access available power would mean the closure of a runway or taxiway because of the need to trench and bury the cable underground.

In a similar manner, solar road lights and solar LED street lights can be justified even in urban areas. The reason that this has not been a common solution before is the fact that until recently solar road lights and solar powered street lights could not generate enough lumens to meet with Australian and international standards required of roadway lighting.

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