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Dwelling Photo voltaic Panel Effectivity

Use of photo voltaic panels at family level have increased largely today. Solar panels are utilized in cooking, heating, boiling and a large number of electric appliances. Solar panels are installed to generate photo voltaic power for microwaves, refrigerator, electric gas, iron, water heater, air conditioner, inverter, room heater and plenty of other gadgets at home. Photo voltaic vitality is ample, renewable and cheap.

While calculating the photo voltaic panel efficiency at house, we should first make a mean estimate of the overall vitality consumed by these electrical gadgets and then calculate the solar panel efficiency. Scientists have found out that of the total photo voltaic energy hanging the solar panels, only 20% is transformed to electrical energy. That means home photo voltaic panel effectivity is common 20%, when the photo voltaic vitality is transformed to electricity. On the subject of lighting bulbs or tube lights, then the effectivity further falls. For example, if the photo voltaic cell effectivity is 20 %, the remainder part goes in changing the direct present to alternating present which consumes 15 % more energy.

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