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With typical maritime climate the Netherlands has cool winters and mild summers. July and August are the hottest (also the wettest) months and December and January are cold. Because of favourable weather the country is busy hub for many industries: agriculture and food processing, chemicals, horticulture, alternative and sustainable energy and high-tech systems and materials to name a few. All of these need air conditioners for different reasons but for all of them it is extremely critical, because many of the processes involved are highly climate sensitive. There are airco services across the country to support the industrial sectors. These companies have fully established divisions that take care of residential and commercial air conditioning needs.

Environmental technologies have been a driving force in the development of the Netherlands. The country historically has been active in controlling and protecting its environment. As a result the country has developed some of the world’s leading environmental technologies. Airco companies of the country have also contributed to this endeavour. There are some companies that have come up with natural organic refrigerants for air conditioners that are more efficient than synthetic refrigerant and less polluting.

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