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Make Your Own Solar Panel Under The Guidance Of Earth4Energy

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Earlier humans used the non-renewable sources of energy to fulfill their needs. The increasing energy needs of humans and the alarming rate of depletion of these resources led to the search of resources that would never end. A result of this search, solar energy has been found to be a never ending vast source of energy.

Various solar energy devices are available in the markets presently. Now, it is possible to prepare solar panels at home itself with the help of Earth4Energy pack. This pack helps a lot to make solar panels at home at an affordable cost. It comes in three parts, which let people have a complete knowledge of solar energy and the information related to solar panels.

featured-3Earth4energy pack contains a video library that clearly instructs how to proceed stepwise. The first part of the pack provides the basic knowledge i.e. how solar energy is produced, what are the components that are required during the installation of solar energy.

After having the basic knowledge, now the next job is building the solar panel. The clear step-by-step instructions in the second part of the pack guide properly following, from which a fully functioning solar panel is manufactured. The color diagrams of the pack illustrate very well, the proper method to build the wire and panel casing of the cells together. Just follow these instructions properly and you can manufacture a solar panel costing mere $98.

The third and last part of the pack is itself a collection of five additional resources. Firstly, a guide is present that contains the instructions to fasten the solar panels to the roof. This is required for a complete and safe install. Next part guides well to wire up the solar panels safely. Thirdly, a solar calculator is provided that gives an idea of the number of panels required powering the home and the size of the battery bank. You are just required to feed some details and a calculated output instantly appears.

Next is an energy consumer guide that lets you know the economic benefits of having a solar panel at home. And the last sub-part is the ready to fill forms that illustrate the solar tax credits. Solar energy has appeared as a boon and Earth4energy has made it possible for common man to own a solar panel.

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