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Energy Efficient Designs For Minimum Energy Consumer

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Energy is one of the chief concerns of human beings in the new century. Most of the energy supply that sustains the normal human lifestyle on this planet comes from non-renewable resources, the ones, whose supply on this planet are limited and scant.

featured-2From the electricity that we use at our home and office to gasoline that is used to run our transport system, most of the energy is sourced at non-renewable resources whose supply is expected to be exhausted within less than a hundred years. It is precisely for this reason energy has to be used very cautiously, so that our future generations are not left devoid of any energy resources left on the planet.

This makes efficient energy use or energy efficiency very relevant to us. Energy efficiency refers to use of less energy for the use of same level of energy service. Apart from conservation of energy, energy efficiency also addresses to the problem of global warming.

Energy efficient designs refer to designing of building, industries, appliances and vehicles in such a way that they consume the minimum energy. These designs are made keeping in mind the principles of energy efficiency.

To build energy efficient buildings, the location, surrounding and orientation of the building have to be kept in mind. Often hills, trees and landscaping can be utilized for providing shade and blocking winds. Energy efficient architectural designs like proper placement of windows and skylights can reduce the need of artificial lighting in buildings.

Furthermore, using technologies like automatic switching-off of lights in unoccupied areas with the use of Passive Infra-red technology can greatly reduce energy consumption and render an energy efficient home.

Compact energy efficient lights can act as energy efficient lights. For energy efficiency in industries, systems are designed so that heat produced as by-product of certain processes is used for heating and other industrial purposes.

Design of energy efficient electric motors allows adjusting the energy output of the motor to match the load. Design of energy efficient vehicles with improved aerodynamics, help to reduce fuel consumption. Use of energy efficient designs and energy efficient products can greatly reduce energy consumption and global warming and thus help to make the world a better place to thrive for our future generations.

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