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A Must Have In Building Energy Efficiency Homes

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In order to have maximum energy conservation, we must concentrate on energy efficient products. In this case, products not only refer to commodities that consume energy for day to day use, such as energy efficient lights, energy efficient heaters, dryers fans, but buildings as well.

Energy efficient buildings have reduced carbon footprints of them selves. Reduced carbon foot prints mean reduced emission of greenhouse gases and hence reduction in unwanted warming of the earth.

featured-5Energy efficient products also reduce pollution and have low operational costs. Complete efficiency can only be achieved, though not 100%, when building energy efficiency as well as energy efficiency of other products to be used in that building are taken into consideration.

Buildings employ approximately 40% of all the energy. Emission of about 30% of all green house gases is credited to the buildings. It isn’t a fact of much credit; hence, the focus is on energy efficient buildings. They are the major contributor to global climate changes.

The emission of carbon can be reduced by tones over the coming years simply by improving the building energy efficiency and efficiency of appliances. The various appliances are energy efficient water heaters, energy efficient bulbs, etc.

Energy efficient heating is the key feature of these heaters. The green home experts advise the usage of environment friendly products for your building to increase its energy efficiency. The various energy saving approaches that make buildings more energy efficient are:

  • Windows and doors of good quality
  • Floors, ceilings and walls are required to be well insulated
  • Appliances need to be energy efficient
  • Energy efficient lighting that have low wattage, but high efficiency
  • Smaller designs that require less energy
  • House design should be such that energy loss is minimal

The advantages of energy efficient buildings are reduced pollution, easy on your pocket and improved air quality. The general structure of energy efficient buildings include lumber from trees because they are renewable, cemented roofing, energy efficient windows and doors that use protective coatings and special framing systems, which diminish energy loss. Energy efficient heating and cooling systems are a must have in these homes.

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2 Responses to “A Must Have In Building Energy Efficiency Homes”
  1. Debbie says:

    I just want to ask.. Why do you need to have windows and doors of good quality to be energy efficient? Thank you!

  2. admin says:

    Perhaps ‘good quality’ is not the correct term. You need to have good insulated doors and windows.