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Go Green With Home Made Energy

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The world is gradually facing crisis of energy as the non-renewable sources are decreasing in capacity. Coal, fossil fuel and natural gas are the primitive sources of energy used in daily life. These sources are becoming extinct and the need to use renewal power sources is steadily increasing.

The most reliable and powerful sources of alternative energy is the solar and the wind energy which has compensated a lot of the power requirement. Home Made Energy is one of the best products in the market for building alternative power sources at home. It provides both home made solar powers system and wind energy system. It depends upon your requirement which system is compatible with your home and which energy source is easily available.

solar-panelThe systems are offered at affordable prices and you can easily buy a solar system panel at a cost of under $100. You can use this source to fulfil your need of running electricity appliances like fridge, washing machine, light, TVs and fans. Home Made Energy also provides a portable form of the product which can be transported easily when you are out anywhere campaigning.

A wind power system is also offered under this package of Home Made Energy. If you have enough space at home to mount a wind mill and sufficient availability of wind at a moderate speed then it is the best option to satisfy your energy need. You can easily establish a wind mill at the cost of $100. You can use this power to drive any kind of home appliance and electronic devices.

Using alternative power sources saves thousands of money required in the electricity bills and makes you self dependent. You can also have an uninterrupted power supply and remain unaffected by the problems of the power network. It is also environment friendly to use these kinds of products as they do not cause any kind of pollution.

Home Made Energy system also provides user manuals and guidelines to install the power systems at home. You can easily establish this product on your own with the basic knowledge of power systems.

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  1. V.krishnasamy says:

    Hi SIr,
    My name is v.krishnasamy. I am from Singapore. We receive enough sunlight everyday. I am interested to install solar panel in two of my rooms where we receive morning sunlight till mid day( 12.00pm). As you mention the “Home Made Energy user Manuals and guidelines to Install power systems at home”, where can I get this manual to install myself.
    Please reply.
    Thank You.