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Go Green With Home Made Energy

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The world is gradually facing crisis of energy as the non-renewable sources are decreasing in capacity. Coal, fossil fuel and natural gas are the primitive sources of energy used in daily life. These sources are becoming extinct and the need to use renewal power sources is steadily increasing.

The most reliable and powerful sources of alternative energy is the solar and the wind energy which has compensated a lot of the power requirement. Home Made Energy is one of the best products in the market for building alternative power sources at home. It provides both home made solar powers system and wind energy system. It depends upon your requirement which system is compatible with your home and which energy source is easily available.

solar-panelThe systems are offered at affordable prices and you can easily buy a solar system panel at a cost of under $100. You can use this source to fulfil your need of running electricity appliances like fridge, washing machine, light, TVs and fans. Home Made Energy also provides a portable form of the product which can be transported easily when you are out anywhere campaigning.

A wind power system is also offered under this package of Home Made Energy. If you have enough space at home to mount a wind mill and sufficient availability of wind at a moderate speed then it is the best option to satisfy your energy need. You can easily establish a wind mill at the cost of $100. You can use this power to drive any kind of home appliance and electronic devices.

Using alternative power sources saves thousands of money required in the electricity bills and makes you self dependent. You can also have an uninterrupted power supply and remain unaffected by the problems of the power network. It is also environment friendly to use these kinds of products as they do not cause any kind of pollution.

Home Made Energy system also provides user manuals and guidelines to install the power systems at home. You can easily establish this product on your own with the basic knowledge of power systems.

Build Easy Solar Panels With Green DIY Energy Guide

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The need for renewable sources of energy is increasing as they do not need long times investments and can act as a good supplement for the traditional power sources.

Of the various alternative power sources, solar energy is considered to be the most convenient form of domestic energy as it is easily available and can fulfil the need up to great extent.

The most important factor is that you do not need too much space for installing a solar energy system and it also do not require too much of maintenance. GreenDIYenergy provides excellent package for installing solar energy system at home.

Previously the equipments required, to use conventional sources of energy were very costly and it was difficult to meet the expense of such power systems. Though they do not have any recurring costs but the initial investments were too much.

house-with-solar-panelGreenDIYenergy has brought in the market the latest product of home solar power system which is available at cost below $200. You can save about $10,000 of the retail price and free yourself from the burden of high monthly electricity bills.

The solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells which can work efficiently for long interval of time. It is almost as easy as assembling a toy at your home and you will enjoy to work with the GreenDIYenergy solar equipments and also gain profound knowledge of the circuitry and network related to your personal power unit.

GreenDIYenergy also provide the installation guide with the product which has articles on the advantages of using solar energy along with the procedures and the steps to install the system.

Demo solar power panel are also available at GreenDIYenergy which will offer you small energy systems to get an idea of the entire power system and can be good summer training for your kids.

You can easily refer to the online websites and video libraries over internet to gather more information of the product and also how to use it. So without being late, start planning for your domestic power system and possess an independent home solar panel system.

Make Your Own Solar Panel Under The Guidance Of Earth4Energy

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Earlier humans used the non-renewable sources of energy to fulfill their needs. The increasing energy needs of humans and the alarming rate of depletion of these resources led to the search of resources that would never end. A result of this search, solar energy has been found to be a never ending vast source of energy.

Various solar energy devices are available in the markets presently. Now, it is possible to prepare solar panels at home itself with the help of Earth4Energy pack. This pack helps a lot to make solar panels at home at an affordable cost. It comes in three parts, which let people have a complete knowledge of solar energy and the information related to solar panels.

featured-3Earth4energy pack contains a video library that clearly instructs how to proceed stepwise. The first part of the pack provides the basic knowledge i.e. how solar energy is produced, what are the components that are required during the installation of solar energy.

After having the basic knowledge, now the next job is building the solar panel. The clear step-by-step instructions in the second part of the pack guide properly following, from which a fully functioning solar panel is manufactured. The color diagrams of the pack illustrate very well, the proper method to build the wire and panel casing of the cells together. Just follow these instructions properly and you can manufacture a solar panel costing mere $98.

The third and last part of the pack is itself a collection of five additional resources. Firstly, a guide is present that contains the instructions to fasten the solar panels to the roof. This is required for a complete and safe install. Next part guides well to wire up the solar panels safely. Thirdly, a solar calculator is provided that gives an idea of the number of panels required powering the home and the size of the battery bank. You are just required to feed some details and a calculated output instantly appears.

Next is an energy consumer guide that lets you know the economic benefits of having a solar panel at home. And the last sub-part is the ready to fill forms that illustrate the solar tax credits. Solar energy has appeared as a boon and Earth4energy has made it possible for common man to own a solar panel.