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Solar Energe Overview Posted By: patrick h stewart

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Options To Go With Wind Power Posted By: Paul Meier

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Building a wind generator from scratch is not that difficult of a project. We will need a shop with basic power and hand tools, and some degree of dedication. Large wind generators of 2000 or more Watts and up are a major project needing very strong construction, but smaller ones in the 700-1000 Watt, 8-11 foot range can be construct fairly easily! In fact, we highly recommend that we tackle a smaller wind turbine before even thinking about constructing a large one. We’ll need to be able to cut and weld steel, and a metal lathe can be handy (though we could hire a machine shop that turns brake rotors do some small steps for us).

In most places, gentle winds (5-15 mph) are the most common, and strong winds are much rarer. As we’ll see by examining our latest machines, our philosophy about designing wind turbines is to make large, sturdy machines that generate good power in low wind speeds, and are able to survive high wind velocity while still producing maximum power. The power available in the wind goes up by a factor of 8 as the wind velocity doubles. diy green power

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Getting A Quicker Look At Solar Power And Its Uses Posted By: William J. Owensby

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Solar power can be defined as the conversion of light energy into electrical energy using devices attached with special materials like silicon.Through photosynthesis which is a chemical process, every form of solar cell including; the leaf of shrub, herb, or tree produces energy for them to grow, this is the best example of solar energy. It should be noted that nature has been using this energy for millions of years though man has been late in harnessing this light energy from the sun, a storeroom of power which is not easy to understand.Solar panels which are almost free can be accessed for reuse in households. These are available in many institutions which may want to get rid of slightly degraded ones and can be availed for just asking.It should be noted that photovoltaic (PV) panels are not the only type of solar energy. Much as these solar panels are slightly degraded, they would still be good for household use.Solar heating can be set up with glass, cardboard, or wood and insulation which glass is available freely everywhere in U.S. These can be used to make solar ovens, solar hot water heaters, and hot air heaters. family parenting finance business electronics

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Looking Into Home And Office Insulation And Draught Proofing To Save Money On Heating Costs Posted By: Roger McNiel

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Energy bills are becoming a major concern, these days. Rising fuel prices and environmental issues can have a large effect on the price of electricity and gas. Many people are in search of home and office insulation and draught proofing to save money. Here are some tips that you may find helpful, for lower utility bills.WindowsWindows are a major source of cold or warm air loss. You should take a long look at the windows in your living or working space. Some types of older windows may need to be re-glazed or caulked. This is a very good way to seal some of the air leaks.If your windows are old and tired looking, it may be time to replace them. If you consider window replacement, look for ones that have a high efficiency rating. The extra cost may be well worth the investment in added savings. Double pain windows will provide good insulation, and they will also help to keep out noises from the outside.New window treatments can be a good way to reduce your energy bills. If you are considering new drapes or curtains, look into the options with insulated window treatments. insulation energy heating environment construction

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Portable Propane Heaters – How They Work And How To Use Them Safely Posted By: Jacque Crook

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When the winter months come around, the cold can seep into your living spaces. Portable propane heaters can add a blast of warmth and save you money on your energy bill. But as nice as it is to be warm and cozy, heaters need to be used safely, so here are a few tips.

How portable propane heaters work

Propane heaters have a very simple working principle. A propane bottle is located in the base of the heater. This is connected to a burner that has operator controls for gas flow, flame size and heat output. The heat supplied is what is called radiant heat, which means the flame supplies the heat and it simply radiates out from the heater.

Safe use of portable gas heaters

All gas heaters emit a small amount of carbon monoxide as well as fumes. Propane has a substance (ethyl mercapton) added to it that gives it an odor so users can detect leaks. For this reason, it is suggested that portable heaters are used either outdoors or with adequate ventilation.

It is suggested that if you use portable propane heaters indoors, to keep a carbon monoxide detector nearby.

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